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The Challenge 

Fisher Clinical Services needed to spread the word about how the strategic placement of their facilities around the globe was a significant advantage for their clients. The desired application needed to mesh with their existing brand identity, provide useful information for their clients, and be in a game format that would fit in with their trade show plan.

The Solution

AMA Studios created the "Global Positioning Challenge" - a java3D applet that can be run at a kiosk or in a web page that includes existing brand graphics and messages. The game allows the user to learn about Fisher facilities by studying an interactive 3D globe, and provides a challenge mode where the player needs to identify the locations from memory.
Globe model with custom texture map
Fisher Clinical Services - Global Positioning Challenge
The Results casestudy
The applet drew attention both on FCS public home page and on the trade show floor. Winners of the Global Positioning Challenge game at the Fisher booth went home with prizes as well as a more thorough understanding of the Fisher Global presence.
Scene from game results
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