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The Challenge

Engineers at Langley Research Center needed a realistic depiction of the outpost elements and operations that will someday enable astronauts to live and work for extended periods on the Moon and Mars.

The Solution

Working closely with the engineers involved in the design and implementation of the Common Surface Architecture, AMA artists built detailed models of the elements. In some cases the lunar analog operations (tests conducted on Earth using prototype vehicles) were filmed, and the live video combined with the rendered animation.
Docking maneuver photographed during ground testing
Rendered image of docking maneuver on the Moon Rendered image of docking maneuver on the Moon
Rendered image of lunar excursion
The Results

The videos produced at AMA Studios were used both at internal NASA meetings and eventually made available to the public. The element models are being continuously updated as the architecture progresses so that at any time AMA Studios is well positioned to create the most accurate and detailed renderings of the Constellation Common Surface Architecture elements.
Outpost on Mars surface
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AMA Studios LER Docking Video