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The Challenge

BECO Asset Management needed a public website and related promotional materials to advertise a brand new apartment rental property. Since construction was still underway, usable photography and video of the grounds and apartments was not available.

The Solution

AMA Studios used photos of the partially completed site and units at other properties to create photo illustrations and 3D digital models of the interiors and exteriors of 1200 Acqua. The models were then used to render realistic animated walkthroughs. The renders and photo illustrations were used to create a variety of digital assets that could be repurposed in each marketing product
1200Acqua Home PageVirtual Property Flyover
Interior Model Wireframe
Interior Model Final Render
The Results  
The 1200 Acqua web site features a ‘movie trailer’ that takes the visitor on a virtual tour of the property, including a flyover of the grounds, interior views of each floorplan, and images of sports and leisure facilities.
AMA Studios multi-purposed the digital content to efficiently create a variety of promotional materials for BECO, including:
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AMA Studios 1200 Acqua